About Brooke Logan

I was born and raised in Northwest Alabama. I graduated school early and enrolled myself in junior college when I was 16. After completing a couple of semesters, and having turned 17, I decided to join the Alabama National Guard. I was restless to desert the humdrum small town life. I was eager to deploy to Kuwait and was teaching myself to speak Arabic in anticipation. Shortly after completing BCT, I was discharged due to a minor hip injury.

When I was only 18 years old, I took a bold leap and got on a plane to Miami and started appearing in adult movies, magazines, and websites. I since have starred in more than 70 adult films and worked for some of the top internet companies. In 2015 I started my own amateur fetish porn company, Brooke Logan Productions. Brooke Logan Productions was a successful and exciting venture but was ultimately put on the back burner when my father was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer in April 2017. At that time I moved back into my childhood home, which was built by my great grandfather almost 100 years ago (1920), to help my dad recover and take care of his horses. My dad lost his battle on May 15, 2018.

My goals now are to continue the work that I have done over the last couple of years restoring my 200+ acre farm that has been in my family since the mid 1800s. Corn, soybeans, cotton, and hogs are a few of the things that the farm has been used for over the years. Now the farm is home to 30+ chickens, a duck who thinks he’s a rooster, a turkey, a female Boer goat, 2 Quarter Horse Mares, 1 Shetland Haflinger Mare, 1 gaited paint mule colt, 17 Hereford and Brangus cows, 1 Hereford bull, 20+ cats, 2 male Great Pyraneese dogs, 1 aging female Golden Retriever (rescued from Joliet, IL!), 1 female black lab/coyote mix, and a baby sheep. I do some light gardening and rescue unwanted and abandoned animals. I would like to have pigs, rabbits, and a couple of alpaca in the next 5 years and move towards being more self sustaining.

My long term goals are to open my farm to at-risk or underprivileged youth in my community, providing jobs around the farm, structure, a safe environment, and opportunity. Being from a town with a population of only 3,000, and the closest major city over 80 miles away, I have witnessed firsthand how few options there are for at-risk youth in such rural areas. My lifelong passion has always been working with horses. I would like to be able to provide free Equine Therapy to special needs children and adults. Equine therapy, or therapeutic riding, offers those with disabilities an opportunity to gain a sense of control over their bodies, perhaps for the first time in their life.

Reviving Brooke Logan Productions has been on my mind lately so you might just see some new content soon! In the meantime, my videos are still available for purchase by clicking the button below. I didn’t plan for BLP to be a fetish company. I started the company just for fun with an ex-lover, mostly making BJ, Solo/masturbation, girl/girl, boy/girl, and anal videos. Pretty soon I was getting requests for custom fetish videos. Things like smelly socks/feet, smoking, voyeurism, balloons, and urinating, quickly became my most popular videos. The Balloon and Smoking videos have always been, and still are, my best sellers. I quit smoking cigarettes in March 2018 so I won’t be starring in any more smoking videos. My stats are below, as well as a slide show featuring some of my adult work.

  • 5’9”

  • 135lbs

  • Long brunette hair

  • 34DD

  • Mid Twenties

  • Shoe Size 9 (American)

  • Dress Size 4/6

  • Shirt Size Medium

  • Pant Size 4 Long