Mixing business and pleasure can be complicated so I prefer to bring a speedy end to the business side of things so we can relax and enjoy each others company. If we are meeting at my incall location, please present me with the consideration already counted in an unsealed envelope within the first 5 minutes of your arrival.

If we are meeting in a public place present the consideration in a gift bag, greeting card or envelope within the first 5 minutes of our date.

1 Hour ~ 700 

A brief but exhilarating interlude. For the gentleman with a hectic schedule, looking for a momentary escape. 

1.5 Hours ~ 900 (Preferred Minimum)

Stop and enjoy the moment, the heavy build up, and the gentle come down. 

2 Hours ~ 1,200 

Time to explore each other and slowly unfold your desires. Give yourself time to indulge and feel completely intoxicated. 

4 hour dinner/ cocktail date ~ 2,200 

The most erotically charged part of your body is your mind. Allowing ourselves time to explore the person underneath; what makes you tick and what do you secretly crave? The slow seduction over dinner makes the mind wander and creates an anticipation for the dessert to come.

6 Hours ~ 2,700

12 Hour Overnight ~4,000

Add photo/video to any session for an additional 300. I only offer GFE and Fetish sessions. I do not travel to Greece. Please inquire about extended engagements. “Fly Me To You” available with a 6 hour minimum booking plus travel fees. Deposit Required.


Considerations are never negotiable. If you must question whether I am worth the requested consideration I am not the companion for you. Please do not make me have to ask for the consideration. Do not discuss the consideration, sex or any thing pertaining to sex; if you do you will be forced to leave.


Meetings over 3 hours require a 25% deposit. A 50% deposit is required if you would like me to travel to you or abroad. Deposits should be received within one week of our scheduled meeting. I will secure my own flight arrangements but flight costs are not included. All flight over 3 hours must be first or business class.


In the event you need to cancel our extended date a 72 hour notice is required to receive your full deposit. I will happily apply that deposit to any future date as long as it is rescheduled within 2 months of our original scheduled date. If you need to cancel for a second time, you will forfeit your deposit. If you wish to schedule again a 50% deposit will then be required. In the rare event I must cancel your total deposit will be refunded.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a shorter date a 48 hour notice is required. I am a reasonable person and understand life can be unpredictable. If for some reason you need to cancel or reschedule under the 48 hour time period a 25% cancellation fee will apply. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice a 50% cancellation fee will apply. If you do cancel and reschedule a deposit will also be required to secure our time together.


Screening is required for all new clients. Please include all of your screening information in your initial email. If you are a member of Preferred411 please send me a prescreening request. If you would like to screen via references I will need you first and last name, age, ethnicity, city and state of residence, phone number, along with the website/major ad for at least 2 providers you have seen in the last year.

If you are not able to provide references I will need all of the information listed above, as well as place of employment and position, picture of a business card or company website with your name on it, picture of your ID (you can cover all of the information other than your name), and a 25% deposit which can be made through Venmo or Amazon gift card. I understand that is asking a lot, but until you are able to provide at least 2 references from reputable, active providers this is what ill need to feel comfortable meeting.